Michael R. Trice

....researches online communication.
...designs data visuals about those conversations.
...writes about games and tech.
...teaches at MIT.


“How We Comment on Web Journalism: A Caste Study on Dialogue Found in News Articles”
chapter in Ethics in Emerging Media by Continuum Press, 2011
“Going Deep: What Online Sports Culture Teaches Us About the Rhetorical Future of Social Networks”
chapter in The Digital Generation by McFarland Press, 2009


“Meet the Jack of All Trades Behind CreativeMornings”
SXSWorld, 2013
“Facebook Banks on Timeline with Instagram Purchase”
SXSWorld, 2012
“Jane McGonigal Ready to Make SXSW Interactive SuperBetter”
SXSWorld, 2012
“Game Designer and Son Turn Logic Puzzle into ScreenBurn Winner”
SXSWorld, 2011
“SXSW ScreenBurn Grows Along with Gaming Industry”
SXSWorld, 2011


“Supporting Cast”
Dragon Magazine, 2006
Tell It to My Axe
contributing author for Blue Devil Games, 2004
Akashic Nodes: the Home of Memory
contributing author for Blue Devil Games, 2003
Legacy of Dragons
contributing author for Malhavoc Press 2003
“Barbaric Mounts”
Dragon Magazine, 2003
“Ecology of the Elemental Weird”
Dragon Magazine, 2003
“Giants in the Earth: Heroes of the Persian War”
Dragon Magazine, 2001


“Why Grammy Don’t Do Hardbake”
Anotherealm.com, 2003
“Plato 2020”
The Outer Rim, 2000

Super Bowl Coke Complaints
A comparatve look at Twitter rage over the multilingual Coke Commercial.

Data Viz
Early D3 Visualizations

Comment Visualization
A look at Bill Keller's column about cancer care blogger Lisa Adams.
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